Sunday, May 23, 2010


The end of the year is a bit stressful for teachers. What with having to pack up my classroom for summer remodeling BY THE LAST DAY OF SCHOOL, keeping my sanity when six of my students insist that I have somehow lost their late assignments and not screaming when informed that yes, I must have a portfolio to my principal by the end of the year...oh the fun! This is important to keep in mind because, it was at this yucky peak that I turned into our parking garage and saw a man sitting with a litter of labrador puppies.

Of course, I promptly stopped and held all 6 puppies like I owned the litter, and then realized I should maybe make conversation with the owner :).

Ok, in my defense, the puppies were free, they were four weeks old, and one in particular really needed me. We connected; I decided, what the hell, I am taking this puppy, quitting my job and becoming a stay at home pet owner! Fabulous, stress free and convenient! :)

I brought the puppy, whom I named Dory, up to our apartment. Yes, Sangam was shocked, but once I gave that ball of fur to him, it was over...we were sucked in.

This charade went on for about 45 minutes; then I called my dad to ask about basic dog care. To make a long story short, my dad reminded why I didn't want a dog one week ago, and that I should get a massage or give Sangam another hug...thanks dad :)

Every dog has it's day; by golly, someday the future Dory and I will bask in it's glory...