Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I can hear Bing Crosby now...

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas??!!

Normally, that would be entirely correct, outfitted with buckets of snow, mittens galore and some holidazzle. In Houston, this phrase, 'looking like Christmas' takes on a whole new meaning. I have noticed some interesting seasonal happenings...

1. Houstonians like to decorate only the bottom of their trees. There are no pine trees here, only your basic maple, oak, cedar etc... and some non-native palm trees. I have deduced that it is too hard to try and string lights around trees that still have leaves on them, so people decorate from the base of the trunk all the way up to the thickest branches, stopping at the leaf line. I am amazed at this!

2. People hang full sized wreaths from the grille of their cars. Granted, the huge wreath with stuffed, decorative birds, plastic fruit and pine cones fits proportionately with the size of their ginormous SUV's, it's still a sight to see one driving behind you in your rear view mirror!!

3. It is very common here to hire someone to decorate your house for Christmas. Now, either I have been living under a rock, and this is common everywhere, or we have hit a new flavor of outrageous! There are billowing ribbons, cascading amongst pine boughs that weave their way up staircases, trees the size of Texas, literally...how do they get them through the door, and most decorations here are brightly colored (I'm talking rainbow) and glittery?!

4. In Minnesota, I am always so excited by the first snow of the season, waking up to a fresh blanket of snow. About the 40th blizzardy day into the season, snow begins to loose it's luster. Here in Houston, people can buy 'snow'!! It's not actually snow, but it looks like it! You rent this machine that chops up the 'snow-like- material, and promptly sprays it through a vacuum like contraption, wherever you want it in your yard. The clean up is a bitch, but these people crave the white, cold, heavy snow! :)

I love when I see something unexpected and different. I feel that it is the uniqueness of life that makes everything all the more fun, and I am so excited about Christmas this year. Every morning I blare the holiday radio stations, I am already well stocked with egg nog (a great morning drink :)) Sangam and I have decked out our apartment so it looks like Santa's workshop; I have that extra skip in my step! I'm wishing you a happy pre-Christmas season, with minimal stress!