Sunday, March 17, 2013

I like to bask in the sun :)

I'm not even going to address the fact that I'm the worst blogger ever; instead I will just show you some highlights from the past few weeks:)

I'm a happy lady:)  These past few months have been full!  Full of family, friends, birthdays, school Valentine's Day parties...let's just say I'm not sure what happened to February and I cannot believe it is already St. Patrick's Day!

Here is my sweet sister visiting a sculpture garden in Houston.  My beautiful family came to visit over their spring break, and I soaked up every single minute of them, they are my favorite!!

 A birthday party full of scarves, beautiful sentiments, and a cross necklace from my dad- what a sweet man :)
 Sangam took me out to a restaurant called 'The Americas' with its picasso enthused decor and AMAZING south american food- I swooned over these empanadas...
 I introduced my family to the gas station craze in Texas, called Bucees.  This large beaver is the mascot, and yes, you too can have a wardrobe themed around this large rodent!
 Sangam and I whisked the Sapa's away to San Antonio, just a short 3 hour drive to the Riverwalk :)  We came, we conquered some mexican food, were serenaded by some saucy mariachi men and experienced the Alamo.

 Here is my dad meeting 'Davy Crockett.'  I think we could have gone home after this, he was set!

 Where's Davy when you need him :)

 There is no explanation for this one- just some wild and crazy guys!!!

I took my sister to see some puppies, chicks, bunnies etc...  We almost left with one of these sweet, scruffy pups.  They were so mellow, and just wanted someone to love on them :)  I love how tender Caitlin's heart is.

 Ingrid and Nathan, friends from MN also came to visit!  We had so much fun traipsing around with them.
 Here is the beautiful couple, sitting underneath a canopy of beer can tops- how romantic :)  The beer can house is a relic in Houston, a place where even the quirkiest of hobbies, like a man who sat in his driveway and artistically covered his entire house in beer can parts, can be witnessed.  There's no place like Texas!
 These Minnesotan natives were so excited about our 65 degree weather, that we braved a windy day at Surfside Beach.  What is frigid for Houstonians, was balmy for us :)

For my birthday, my students all brought in a flower to make a beautiful bouquet.  Each kid brought in a flower until it was complete- very sweet!

Katie- the best thing to happen to Austin Texas period, came to hang out over my spring break- so fun!

I love friends that fit like an old shoe.  We hit up the Houston Rodeo, had dance parties in the living room, watched good movies and caught up- much needed!!

Yes, I missed a lot of details, but I figure the highlights are the most fun anyways!  Happy St. Patrick's Day!! :)