Saturday, November 19, 2011

Howdy from Texas!

You may or may not remember me, it's been awhile! Some people might think that I got lost in the Texan tumbleweed...don't worry, I didn't :)

These last few months I would like to describe as 'busy.' Now busy is a loaded word. There is busy, meaning you have a child/children and can't find time to take a shower, busy meaning you just started a new job and feel like a fish out of water at all times, and then there's my busy, which might, just slightly, be my fault.

I am what you might call, a perfectionist. I can't just grade some papers, I need to respond in the form of an essay to each an every one, giving personal thought and detail to their work. I can't just be the new basketball coach for 6-8th grade girls. I have to create individual playbooks for each girl, bound together in organized folders, with a personalized touch from me. I have a new 'team' of 5th grade teachers that are working with me this year. I have made it my personal mission to make sure everyone feels comfortable, has lesson plans at the ready, and copies of student work, hot and fresh on their desks each morning.

I am getting feisty voicemails from my grandmother, whom I have neglected to call back. I can't remember where I put all of my clean underwear, and I'm pretty sure I've lost my cell phone 4-5 times in the last week. I'm ready for a break, whew!

It is now Saturday, and I have a weeks worth of vacation stretching out before me. I am in charge of Thanksgiving this year, with my in-laws coming to Texas to taste my lovely turkey dinner. I've decided to keep it simple, and not create individual name cards with the history of the Pilgrims experience at each table setting. I don't need to create a Martha Stewart Holiday...right?!

We are approaching the Holidays, a time of enjoyment. Enjoyment of family, friends, slowing down, realizing what you have to be thankful for, and not worrying about petty things. It is my personal goal to embrace this, and take time...yes, just time :) Here's wishing you a restful, and love filled Thanksgiving!