Sunday, April 25, 2010

Surprise, Surprise!!

What a whirlwind weekend! Sangam's parents came in to town to surprise him for his birthday; I felt pretty awesome pulling it off without him knowing. So, on the day of the 'big event', I leave directly after school to get birthday balloons for Sangam and flowers for his mom and dad. I zoom past the traffic, excitedly singing to the radio; secretly I can't believe this is working....I spoke waaaaay too soon.

Finally, I get to the airport; naively, I pull up to the parking 'toll', and read the directions, "please insert credit card or push button for ticket." I take out my card and quickly insert it into the slot...nothing happens. I start pushing the button, still nothing. Then, on the screen pops the message, "ticket jam!" Wonderful!! I panic, and try to turn my car off, promptly locking my car keys into place. I accost the first car that pulls up next to me, a father and his young child...he replies with, "I never put my card in those things," and drives off.

At this point I am plotting how to sneak into the parking ramp behind someone, so I can talk to someone about my credit card!! Finally, and unsuspecting elderly person slowly drives through the toll next to me, and I make it to the other side!!! I talk to the nicest man at the ticket booth, who is able to retrieve my card, and assure me that no, I am not an idiot for what just happened!

Back on my game, I quickly park my car and take the elevator down to baggage claim. Waiting, I sit down and check some phone messages; one in particular from my mother in law. "I'm so sorry; I hope you get this message before you leave the airport, we are delayed here, and won't be leaving for another 2 hours!" Now, I think to myself, this seems like a surprise party I am planning. If it doesn't involve stress and sweating, don't worry, it will!

In the end everything worked out. I let Sangam in on the surprise over the phone; he drove out to the airport to pick me up for dinner. When my in-laws flight finally did come in, we had a wonderful time visiting the town of Kemah (a fun boardwalk modeled after Coney Island), eating BBQ, relaxing in the Museum District of Houston; catching up on life.

In the end, I love the planning and excitement of the surprise, and the quirky mistakes end up being great stories to tell on your blog :).

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Welcome to my world!

Wow, here I am, a part of the blogging world. I have many texan stories to tell, and apparently, all the typing space to tell them! :) I am a 'twenty something' with a positive attitude (most of the time), a husband extraordinaire, I have a family and lovely friends, full of love, and in Minnesota, and the rest is details filled in to jam-pack my daily life!

Today sped by, like most of my days as a 5th grade teacher. Like clockwork, my sweet husband kisses me before he gets out of bed for the day, and I stumble like a five year old, grumpy and undone, to the bathroom. Once I make it to school, past the 'driving extremists', as I like to call my Houstonian driving buddies, the barage of children greet me at my door. They are ready for me to match their energy level; give them a purpose for their day, and I couldn't love every minute of it more... I know, slightly delusional. At the days end, I am exhausted; my brain feels fuzzy, but man do I have some stories to tell Sangam.

I am soaking up the Texas weather right now. It is in the 70s and beautiful, except for the saturated pollen that infests my nasal cavaties, and feels like stinging nettles have been shoved up my nose, and into my eyes. Sangam and I drove up to Brenham, Texas to witness the bluebells and various wildflowers as they cascade across rolling hill farmland. We stopped along the road at least a half dozen times; watched as the longhorn cattle lazily grazed among the breathtaking blues, oranges, yellows and reds. I have never seen so many wildflowers blooming so took my breath away! That was...until I started feeling a funny little stinging in my nose, and frantically started walk/running towards the car for kleenex. Hey, you can't have your cake and eat it too :( Next time, I will take my zertec before entering the fields of pollen...