Monday, April 30, 2012

Hormones in the workplace...

My lovely 10 year olds from earlier in the year have now arrived at springtime, and I can actually see their hormones taking over their minds.

1.  Their new favorite words are 'annoying' and 'ugh'!!
2.  They cannot remember where they put ANYTHING, and insist to me that I must have lost their cell phone, because where else could it be!!!
3.  They will literally zone out mid-sentence and look at me with a look that says, 'where am I right now?!'
4.  I have at least 2 criers a day, sometimes they know why, and sometimes not.
5.  They remember every detail of what happened in the latest lunchroom 'drama' incident, but can't recall any algebra for the math test.
6.  They have lost all body control, and upon standing up to sharpen their pencil, manage to trip over nothing, and fall down, really hard! Also, the rest of the class doesn't even notice anymore!!
7.  4 of my students are taller than I am, and 2 of the boys have a budding mustache.
8.  I sadly know more about the gossip of who likes who in 5th grade than what is happening on the daily is constantly changing and the center of all our universes :)

I come home to sweatpants, a husband that listens to my stories, makes me tea and brings me back to reality- All in all, I can't imagine doing anything else.  I would gouge my eyeballs out staring at a computer each day, or dealing with customer service situations.  I can easily forgive the actions of 10 year olds, and they listen to advice and love you even though you just told them they have 30 math problems.


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